The best of both

Since the beginning of this year I have spent a good portion of my time at my family home in Limpopo. This is where I grew up and where I have spent most of my life. For the past 6 years though, I have been based in Johannesburg and I love it there.

Quite unexpectedly over the last month the comfort of home became too tempting to part with. The beginning of February heralded a reality check. I had the most fantastic month of January being busy with my brother’s wedding preparations for the first two weeks and then being what I can only describe as super relaxed over the last two weeks. This has been extremely therapeutic however I know from past experience that relaxation over a long period turns to procrastination which leads complacency and then downright laziness which is the enemy of confidence and goal achievement.

Tonight the 2nd of February as I am typing this post I am grateful that my enthusiasm and drive has returned. I am ready to return to Johannesburg, to reality or the “real world” as I call it.

I am blessed in that I get to enjoy the best of both worlds, the hub of the city and the quiet of the country. I can’t imagine my life without either. Johannesburg offers me opportunity and responsibility while my hometown offers me family, community, ease and comfort. This helps me ensure that I maintain a balanced and well rounded perspective on life.

When I am in the country I get to reflect and connect which keeps me humbled and when I am in the city I get to execute my plans, network and grow. The benefits of my situation weren’t always apparent to me. I always believed that it could only be either one or the other. If I enjoyed the city that meant I was rejecting my hometown. When I was happy at home I saw it as an indicator that I had repudiated city life.

Thankfully I was able to see beyond my shortsightedness and acknowledge the beautiful gift that is the dual nature of life. We always hear sayings about how you can’t have one without the other or what would the night be without the day. Nature and life are the very personification of duality.

Imagine how fantastic would it be if we could see, realise and acknowledge that very same distinct duality and individuality in ourselves and others. Gone would be the labels, slots, compartments and judgements. In its place would be a renewed appreciation for the unique, one of a kind creations that each of us are.

There are wonders and miracles all around us. We just have to be willing to see with an open heart.

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