My heart lies in Africa

Being of Indian descent and being third generation South African Indian I often wonder what my life would be like had my great grandfather not come to South Africa over a hundred years ago. I visited India for the first time in December 2016. India like South Africa is a country of contrasts. I really enjoyed visiting India and it was for all intents and purposes an amazing experience. However, when I look up at the clear blue skies and wide open spaces in South Africa I know God had a reason for bringing my forefathers to Africa. To be able to stand in clear open spaces in the middle of the bush not even two feet away from a pride of lions on a random game drive about twenty minutes from home, that is to be blessed. To stand in the African bush veld and breathe in the fresh air, feel the hot summer sun on your skin, appreciate the faint breeze that brings a welcome relief, that is to be blessed.

The beauty of Africa fills my heart. I brim over with emotion when I am faced with the natural beauty that surrounds me. To live in Africa means that seeing, experiencing and being confronted by untouched natural beauty is the norm.

Only after I returned from India did I realise how blessed I am to be able to look up at an amazingly blue sky almost every single day of my life and don’t even get me started on the sunsets. I could go on and continue to wax lyrical about the beauty of Africa and particularly South Africa, as tempted as I am to do so, I will not.

I know a lot of people that are emigrating to Australia, Dubai, Canada, etc. and I often wonder, if that were me, what would I do? Could I possibly be happy without the African sun and sky? What sort of challenge or test has God set out for me by allowing me to be born in this breathtakingly beautiful country which due to apartheid and group areas act we were able to maintain our community and our culture while at the same time being faced by own fair share of challenges? Will I succumb to the temptation of running away and moving towards what most people would refer to as “a better life” or will I be one of those that stays put and perseveres? I honestly cannot answer that question right now. I do however know that regardless of where life leads me, my heart will always belong to Africa.


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    Great message 🙂

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    With thanks. Ample forum posts!

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