Holding the Vision

Two years ago, I set a goal or intention to travel through Africa. Firstly to appreciate the natural beauty found there, and secondly in the hopes that I would get to do workshops there. The plan was for the one goal to feed into the other, while doing workshops, see the beauty and while seeing the beauty do the workshops.

Initially, none of it materialised or even seemed possible, mainly because I didn’t take steps towards making it happen. I guess I just expected to sit back and wait for the opportunity to come to me. The intention was set and along came an opportunity to travel to Zimbabwe. I was keen, I was excited. The question remained, would I see it through or would I allow this opportunity to pass me by?

I am happy to say that the workshop in Harare is only a few days away. I am grateful for the opportunity and I am even more grateful to myself for being brave enough to seize this opportunity and bring it to fruition. Also having fabulous, supportive ladies in Harare organising and working hard, makes a world of difference.

I have in the past allowed many an opportunity to pass me by. This was due to my own fears and self-doubt. These emotions aren’t unique to me. In the moment and at the time, you do believe that you must be the only person in the world that holds yourself back. That it is only you that feels uncertain, only you that lacks drive and commitment. Once you realise that these afflictions are not unique to you, that you are not alone in this journey, that’s when you start taking action.

I think we find it difficult to accept that the people we look up to and admire most are similar to us in many ways. We would like to believe that they are extraordinary, that they possess special powers and that is why they can achieve what they have. In reality, none of what they have achieved would be possible without struggle, fears, insecurities and self-doubt. We are all more alike than we realise. Bear in mind that all we see is the end result of someone’s achievements. Those of us admiring from the outside do not share in their journey of sleepless nights, hard work and sacrifice.

In terms of taking action and being ready to make your dreams and intentions a reality I have come to the realisation that something can only truly happen when you are ready to make it happen. Until you are ready all these goals remain dreams or intentions, just pending.

I say to you just as I say to myself: “Continue to dream, make plans and set intentions. Write it all down and hold the vision. When you are ready to receive, it will happen.”

The beautiful thing about having a vision is that it keeps growing, changing and evolving as you do. The underlying goal or intention may remain the same however the manner of achieving it may be adapted to you and your needs. Remember by sitting back you cannot move forward.

Start small… Dream big… Be patient with yourself.

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